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The Squint eye is also called Strabismus. It is a condition where one or both of the eyes get misaligned. While this condition may not cause significant issues in vision, in children, it can lead to serious problems in adulthood. At Entegrity, we have a wide variety of squint eye treatment plans that are aimed at perfectly aligning your vision.

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    What is Squint (Strabismus)?

    Squint eye is a condition that is characterized by the misalignment of eyes.
    In this condition, both eyes are pointing in different directions. Squint eye or Strabismus is most likely to occur in children and can be constant or intermittent. The squint can turn in (converge) or turn out (diverge); it can also move upward or downward based on the misalignment. The condition can happen at any time in one or both eyes; it can also alternate between the two eyes. It is important to note that having Strabismus does not equate to having a disability. It is simply an alignment issue that can be corrected with surgery. In children, it is recommended that the squint eye is treated so it does not become a reason for developing other problems in the future.

    Quick details

    DISEASE NAME Strabismus or Squint Eye
    SURGERY NAME Strabismus Surgery
    DURATION Varies depending on the complexity of the case
    TREATED BY Pediatric Ophthalmologists, Strabismus Specialists

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    Types of Squint Eye

    Location of Strabismus

    Squint or Strabismus is the misalignment of the eyes. It causes both the yes to look in different directions. While it is not a disability, it can cause problems like lazy eye in children if not treated properly in time.

    Strabismus Diagnosis

    Squint eye is apparent due to the visible misalignment of eyes. However, sometimes, the misalignment may be very slight, requiring your eye doctor to run some tests. Most of these tests are non-invasive and will help in the easy diagnosis of squint eye.

    Squint Eye Treatment

    Various treatments work for Strabismus that do not include squint surgery. If the problem is detected at an early age, then one gets one’s eyes aligned with the help of specific exercises and visual aids. Some of the squint eye treatments, apart from surgery, are listed below.

    Squint Eye Surgery

    Squint eye surgery might be needed when other methods do not work. It is a minimally invasive surgery that can be done on one eye or both eyes based on the individual’s condition. After the surgery, one is required to have supervision for 24 hours. They also need to rest and not strain their eyes for a week.
    While the surgery does not cause any improvement in vision, it can drastically impact the appearance of your eyes. Your doctor can recommend different types of strabismus surgery based on your condition. These include:

    At Entergity, we have experts with extensive experience in performing squint eye surgeries. We do a thorough examination to check for alternative treatments as well. We understand the requirements of our patients and aim to provide them with the best squint eye treatment options. Contact us to get a consultation now!


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