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Thyroidectomy Procedure – State-of-the-Art Thyroid Removal

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    What is Thyroidectomy

    Thyroidectomy is a surgical operation that involves the partial or complete removal of the thyroid gland, a butterfly-shaped organ situated at the front of the neck. This gland plays a vital role in regulating metabolic functions, including heart rate and calorie consumption.

    Typically, healthcare professionals recommend thyroidectomy as a treatment for various thyroid disorders, such as thyroid cancer, thyroid enlargement (goiter), and an overactive thyroid.

    The degree of thyroid gland removal during a thyroidectomy is determined by the specific medical condition necessitating the surgery.

    Quick details

    DISEASE NAME Thyroiditis
    SURGERY NAME Thyroiditis
    DURATION 1 - 2 hours
    TREATED BY ENT Specialist

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    Procedure of Thyroidectomy?

    Prior to the surgery, the doctor typically administers general anesthesia to induce muscle relaxation, alleviate pain, and induce a state of sleep. A breathing tube is then inserted through the throat to aid in the procedure.

    Thyroidectomy can be carried out using various approaches. This can involve making a standard incision in the neck or a smaller incision aided by a video camera, known as minimally invasive video-assisted thyroidectomy. Additionally, the procedure can be conducted with the assistance of a robot through a distant incision in the axilla or the back of the neck.
    The extent of thyroid removal varies based on the individual’s condition, the chosen surgical approach, and the overall health of the patient. In cases of thyroid cancer, the surgeon may also remove lymph nodes around the thyroid gland if cancerous cells are detected.
    Following the surgery, the incision is closed using stitches, and a sterile dressing is applied to protect and aid in the healing process. The duration of a total thyroidectomy typically spans up to four hours, while a partial thyroidectomy may require less time.


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